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[BKARTS] collaboration

Is it possible that collaboration is requires more than one transaction? In
the case of sheets of paper being purchased from one artist and bound by
another, the ball is thrown only once. In the case of painting a moustache
on the Mona Lisa, the ball is thrown only once. In the instance of Stone
Eye, even though all the artists used the same inner material, they did not
collaborate on the bindings; the ball was thrown only once.

I believe that in order to have collaboration, the ball has to passed back
and forth between the same people a minimum of twice. And purposeful
collaboration has to have a coordinated agenda as its intent. Otherwise,
might the interaction be called by another name? Mom telling a child what to
do is not a collaboration. If the child offers an alternate opinion and
there is a different outcome, we might call this a collaboration - or we
might call it a compromise.

John Cutrone sold me a broadside. Thankfully, he did not ask if or how I was
planning to frame it. I think/hope he would be happy with the outcome as was
the recipient. Even though five people have now been involved, John got the
broadside from someone else, the purchaser, the framer and the recipient -
the ball has only been thrown in one direction. It has taken all of us to
make it happen. I think we are compatriots, but not collaborators.

Of course, John offered this item for sale. He already gave up his
"ownership" of the broadside when he did this. Alice, if you made contents
"for sale"  as such, instead of contents complete with cover, would it be so
difficult to be an equal opportunity seller? Novelists rarely have control
of their covers. An interesting query.

As I was also a participant in the Hunter/McCreight gathering at Haystack,
it does seem the "collaboration" word takes on different slants depending on
context. I do enjoy the dialogue. Keep the ball rolling.


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