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Why would someone buy an artist book and then discard the original binding?
Why is that a common practice?
Good text-lousy binding?
Good printing-ugly cover?

So much to learn and so little time,
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<< So, then what happens if someone buys the book and discards the original
binding? An all to common practice.

Philobiblon: Book Arts, Different By Design
Hand Binding, Conservation, and Project Websites
Peter D. Verheyen

>Admittedly not a good collaborator and, while flattered, I would
>have a problem selling sheets to ANYONE that offered to buy them.
>A control issue, for sure! While at the same time still understanding
>that if a person were to purchase, say, the Mona Lisa, that it would be
>their property, and should they want to give Mona a moustache,
>so be it!
>That said, my preference would be to either choose or approve
>of the person putting a cover on my book, although I'm open
>to hearing other opinions and to reconsidering that preference.

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