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Re: [BKARTS] collaboration

To "collaboration." I would not consider many of the "design bindings" I've
made collaborations. To pick up on what Ann Grasso said, there need to be
significant bounces between the parties. If it's an edition that becomes
trickier. In my work with Bird Press, the artist is very hands on in the
binding design and structure. He's a superb printmaker, but not a binder.
What I have to do then is work with him on realizing his design ideas in a
way that works structurally. I would view this as a collaboration, but a
technical one, not a creative one, as it's his creative idea. I just have
to make it work.

In the case of one edition, 26 Words <http://www.philobiblon.com/alphabet>
I approached him with the idea of doing an alphabet book for a thematic
Guild of Book Workers exhibition
It was clear that he was going to be the "creative genius" behind the book,
but together we came up with the way we were going to represent that
alphabet. What we decided to do was randomly pick 26 words from the
dictionary and then compare lists. This worked very well although we
reselected a few after review. As he is a printmaker, and the focus of the
book was the prints, we opted for a concertina which would allow the whole
book to be displayed if needed. We then split the covering materials for
the edition (of 10) in half,  5 being done my way, 5 incorporating his
painted panels. In addition there were three unique bindings which I
designed myself, though he helped me out of a mental jam on the case for one.

I would say this was a of collaborative process, whereas the other
instances have been more of a professional contractual arrangement. We
worked together, but I wouldn't consider a collaboration. With my copies
it's then free rein to interpret them as I see fit.


>Of course, John offered this item for sale. He already gave up his
>"ownership" of the broadside when he did this. Alice, if you made contents
>"for sale"  as such, instead of contents complete with cover, would it be so
>difficult to be an equal opportunity seller? Novelists rarely have control
>of their covers. An interesting query.
>As I was also a participant in the Hunter/McCreight gathering at Haystack,
>it does seem the "collaboration" word takes on different slants depending on
>context. I do enjoy the dialogue. Keep the ball rolling.

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