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[BKARTS] Collaborations

Forgive me if I don't recopy all the marvelous letters on the subject of
All I can say is "AHA!"
Actually, I  WAS speaking of Artist Books and relieved to understand that the
would not likely be ripped from my books and replaced with Mylar, burnt toast
or crushed velvet.
The idea of creating a book TO BE BOUND BY OTHERS is very different, as is a

I share here an interesting experience as part of a collaborative process.
The assignment was to to begin a book, and then pull names from a hat for
Mine was a tunnel book which, admittedly, I fell in love with and even
considered making
another one for the trade. Just in case the name I pulled might ruin it.
I talked myself out of that, persuaded myself to LET GO
and went forth to chose a name from the hat--Nancy Callahan from California.
I could barely sleep, and hated the idea of someone messing with my work.

When I received my book back, I gasped.
Nancy took it further, she gilded it, added text, even added flames (paper
then she completed it with the perfect closure. It was absolutely gawjus!
It was such an exciting experience, which made me aware of not only my own
but the power of sharing the creative process.

<<A HREF="http://www.geocities.com/tangobook">

P.S. Tara, it was good to see your e-mail, I had lost your address.

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