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[BKARTS] Filthy lucre, literary bookworks


This is an interesting idea. Though I don't quite know where you are
going with it, I would be very interested in reading the results of
some such survey. How much does the "designer's hand" in all of the
book aspects increase the value, or is there actually more perceived
value in jobbing out aspects of the book? If the binding is done by a
well known binder then I would think that might increase the value.
Is there a stigma, as in writing, attached to
self-publishing/printing/binding/designing illustrating your own
book, or is the perceived value greater when the vision is singular?

To your list of factors I would add handmade paper, and especially
paper handmade by the designer or printer or artist, etc.

<<Some ideas:

--Personally made in every detail by author, including printing and binding

--Single copies vs. editions (considering size of edition, too).

--Printing and/or binding carried out by second parties. That is, designed
and set in type by author, but printed from his/her digital files on any of
the following

         _Silk screen
         _Color laser printer in copy shop
         _B&W laser printer in copy shop
         _Inkjet in copy shop

Anything else that you can think of that will help me write a critical

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