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Re: [BKARTS] Collaborations

When Judy Detrick and I produced our miniature editions of 3 stories from
Kipling's "Just So Stories," it was a true collaboration: She chose the
paper, designed and letterpress printed the pages; I bound the signatures
in traditional sewn, quarter-bindings (leather/marbled paper) books.
Together we chose the handmade marbled paper (Joanne McKinven, Scotland)
for the first two books,  matching colors to the illustrated title pages.
By the time we had the third book finished, McKinven was no longer making
the paper so I had to do that. We aimed at editons of  75 each but were
lucky, considering unavoidable botched sheets, to end up with enough
perfect signatures for 65 finished copies. We didn't have any to sell as
sheets, nor did it occur to us to do that.

Ten years ago, I bought Keith Smith's "Non-Adhesive Bindings" in sheets.
My interest is in book repair and restoration, not in designing and making
artist's books but I needed to learn all the traditional bindings, Western
and Oriental. so that I could repair them when I had to. I wanted to learn
the Coptic method, a non-adhesive one, and knew Keith had good instructions
in his book.

I used the unbound signature giving directions for Coptic binding to teach
myself the technique before I actually bound the sheets. Then, since I
wanted to practice a traditional binding method, I bound "Non-Adhesive
Binding" using hide glue and wheat paste to make a full leather (goat)
cover on four raised cords, tight back,  hand-worked headbands, gold title
on spine, and inlay/onlay design on the front cover.

I've had a lot of fun over the years showing my  sewn/glue "Non-adhesive
Binding" book to friends and clients. Recently, I had occasion to
correspond with Mr. Smith about his instructions for sewing single sheets.
I told him about my self-bound copy of  "Non-Adhesive Binding" and he said
he'd be interested in seeing a photo. No way could that binding of a book
in sheets be called a collaboration.
Betty Storz
PO Box 542
Mendocino, CA  95460
e-mail storz@mcn.org

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