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Re: [BKARTS] dies

I've always been curious about those fine laser cut papers you find. Like
stationery and that. Where is THAT done? I'd love to do more shaped books,
but cutting book board by hand in an edition isn't my idea of real fun.
Even my apprentice revolted at the suggestion.

I had a guy in Tucson do a laser cut shaped paper for me, but he complained
so much that I'm sure he wouldn't want to see me again. He said HIS laser
cutter wouldn't cut stacked paper because it heated up and burned the
paper. So when he did them one at a time, they blew all over the place...
well I don't think I'll ask HIM! Does anyone know about those lovely,
intricate laser cut products?

Patrice Baldwin

>>Steve of Archivalmethods.com writes:
>>The biggest cost is the die.  Check pricing with local printers.<
>I used to draft patterns and specify dies for leathergoods.   Custom dies
>are expensive and you probably wouldn't want to consider for short runs.

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