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Re: [BKARTS] red rot

Cellugel, or Klucel G in Alcohol for those who mix it themselves, works
great. It is much more than a cosmetic change, but if your leather is
really far gone, the Cellugel will only do so much, and a rebinding or
other treatment may be desirable. If the books have other issues structural
issues, such as boards loose/off then that my influence youur decision.

Mylar dustjackts, no tape, just folded like a regular dustjacket will do
more to protect the items on either side than anything else. A problem with
them is that they develop a static charge very easily and this will lift
the red-rotted particles off the cover... If the items are not heavily
used, it may be desirable to place them into phase boxes. This will "hide"
the problem, take up very little additional space, keep adjacent materials
cleaner and book parts together, but if the book is requested you will
still have the mess.

What you want to avoid at all costs are leather dressings, and anything
containing water. These will cause real problems and mess.

A very common problem...


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