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Re: [BKARTS] red rot


Below, is a link from Northeast Document Conservation Center's website with
very good and detailed instructions on making the mylar dust jacket you are
describing that is meant to be fitted (and actually works well) without the
use of glue. I would practice a few times with paper before the mylar -
it's just a little slippery and it takes getting used to making such narrow


good luck,
Michelle Venditelli

At 02:19 PM 7/25/02 -0500, you wrote:

>I have lots of books in my archives room that have red rot and I would like
>to be able to do something to keep them from turning to powder.
>  I have also been told it is possible to create a sort of
>dust jacket out of mylar, kind of like what we all had for our school books
>years ago. I cannot seem to find a pattern for doing that though and I also
>don't know how to attach it to the book itself without glue.  I try to limit
>the application of glue on anything going into the archives. I have already
>put some of them into book boxes or clamshell boxes, but my space for
>stacking items like this is very limited.  Our collection is used very
>little, but I still want to keep these materials intact as long as I can.
>Anyone have any ideas?
>Barbara M. Pope, MLS
>Reference Librarian
>St. Louis College of Pharmacy
>4588 Parkview Place
>St. Louis MO 63110
>(314) 367-8700 x. 1001
>FAX (314) 454-3382

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