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Re: [BKARTS] Production Binding/trimmer

In a message dated 07/25/2002 12:59:42 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
paper@OREGONTRAIL.NET writes:

> Thanks
> for any advice.

Hi Roberta....I have been using my 1071 Kutrimmer constantly for several
years(4?) and I cur bookcloth on it all the time.  It work if you cut with
the paper side up, cloth down. I cut all my .082 board (Oliner, which is
denser than Davey) and have never had any trouble. I have never sharpened the
blade or yet felt that I need to. I cannot cut the .09 board on it. I LOVE
that cutter...if I could only have one piece of equipment in the
studio(including laying presses, nipping presses, guillotine etc. it would be
my trusty Kutrimmer ! You made a good choice. It's very hardy!  I have heard
that some board has pieces of metal???in it...I would not cut anything like
that, but I'm not sure that board with pieces of metal in it is true. It
might be anecdotal....
nancy  bloch
san diego

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