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[BKARTS] Deuteronomy on Gazelle Skin

Dear Mr. Leary,

What do you mean by "stumbled across" this copy?  You bought it or found
it in your library?  Is it a single page that has been framed?

If this is indeed a manuscript from the 7th Century, I would recommend
you to Sotheby's or Christie's for appraisal and Abigail Quandt at the
Watlers Art Museum in Baltimore for her expertise in conserving early

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Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2002 09:54:56 -0600

From: "M. Leary" <mleary@TIU.EDU>

Subject: Restoring Gazelle Skin


I recently stumbled across a copy of Deuteronomy from the 7th century
written in ink on Gazelle skin (so the manifest says...and it seems to
be trustworthy). Unfortunately it spent some time in a picture frame
that allowed it to buckle with moisture along with several other items
it was stacked with.

Are there any unique properties that a skin of a gazelle has that I
should be aware of? There are very few stains on it, and all it really
needs is to be straightened out and have a split gently repaired. Any
help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance...

M. Leary

Bindery Supervisor

Rolfing Memorial Library

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