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Re: [BKARTS] advice needed

You're in luck. The conservation center in Philly is called the Center
for Conservation of Art and Historic Artifacts, they have a very good
reputation and can be reached at (215)-545-0613.  I'm assuming the
damage, from your description, is from silverfish.  Once you get rid of
the pests, future problems are minimized.  A qualified conservator can
repair old damage and make recommendations about proper storage and
display.  As treatment might cost a bit, you could have it appraised by
someone qualified beforehand, but generally, people are willing to pay
the price when it comes to family heirlooms, which often don't have much
'market' value.

Hope this helps,

Douglas Sanders
Indiana Historical Society
450 West Ohio Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202-3269
tel: 317-234-0045

I have a hand-painted birth certificate from 1797 that was framed,
probably in the 1800's. It's a family heirloom, but it's also a nice
little fragment of history. Unfortunately, it's got some damage and I
want to prevent more. The little creatures that eat paper have put
some holes in it, and I'm afraid to take it out of the frame to deal
with it. What are my options? Are the any specialists in Philadelphia
who could help me? Should I have it appraised before I do anything
with it?

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