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Re: [BKARTS] advice needed

That is exactly the kind of information I was looking for - thank you
very much.  I think in the end I may try to donate the thing to a
historical society somewhere, the family is a well-known one both in
the states and abroad, but I want to preserve the piece until I
decide it's ultimate fate. The calligraphy is wonderful and the
hunting scene is very quaint, and while the creatures have eaten
around the paint I wouldn't want to lose any more of it. Thanks again!


>You're in luck. The conservation center in Philly is called the Center
>for Conservation of Art and Historic Artifacts, they have a very good
>reputation and can be reached at (215)-545-0613.  I'm assuming the
>damage, from your description, is from silverfish.  Once you get rid of
>the pests, future problems are minimized.  A qualified conservator can
>repair old damage and make recommendations about proper storage and
>display.  As treatment might cost a bit, you could have it appraised by
>someone qualified beforehand, but generally, people are willing to pay
>the price when it comes to family heirlooms, which often don't have much
>'market' value.
>Hope this helps,
>Douglas Sanders
>Indiana Historical Society
>450 West Ohio Street
>Indianapolis, IN 46202-3269
>tel: 317-234-0045

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