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Re: [BKARTS] Elastic Closure Source?

Hello Beth:  Would the thin elastic bands used to hold masks on one's face
be useful for your project?  If so, here's an online source of black and
white 8" long versions of those fasteners:


> Date:    Wed, 31 Jul 2002 20:15:00 EDT
> From:    Beth Weiss <Alphabeth@AOL.COM>
> Subject: Elastic Closure Source?
> Hello, friends,
> I was searching the archives for the elastic closures discussed on this
> *years* ago (1997) "pieces of thin elastic with metal ends which can be
> turned perpendicular to the string to fit into round holes in the
> Did anyone ever find a source for them? I have use for such elastic
> myself now.
> Thanks for any info,
> Beth in Bismarck

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