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Hello to all-
I have been on and off the list since the fall as my
personal life has been somewhat out of control--

I came on to catch up with the list as well as post my upcoming trip
to LA and found that Judith Hoffberg, kindly and graciously
did it for me. Also Ed Hutchins' wonderful words of
support from several weeks ago deeply touched me.
Heartfelt thanks to both.

I wanted to say that in addition to Judith and
Gloria Helfgott, those with questions, either about
the talk or the workshops I will be teaching, can also
contact me directly off list: mschaer@earthlink.net.

I believe that Beaded Bindings at Gloria Helfgott's
studio is full, and Transferred Books at
the studio of Bill Hendrix in Ventura is nearly full.

I am teaching a one day Books in the Classroom on
August 23 and More Beaded Bindings, August 24 and 25
which will cover different approaches to incorporating
beads into book structures at Long Beach Museum of Art.
Please contact them directly for information on availability.
www.lbma.org/calendar.html;(562) 439-2119

I have never been to LA and am excited to see what
is happening there in the bookarts community. I look
forward to meeting everyone!
Miriam Schaer

on August 4 Judith Hoffberg wrote:

>Miriam Schaer, eminent book artist from Brooklyn, is giving a lecture at the
> Beverly Hills Public Library on Wednesday 21 August at 7:30 p.m.  She will
> speak on "The Book as Personal Adornment: Wearable Books & Texts" not only
> with slides, but she is bringing actual works of art to show the audience at
> the Beverly Hills Public Library, 444 N. Rexford Dr. Beverly Hills.  Free
> refreshments before the lecture.  Public parking is north of the Library.
> This event is sponsored by the Artist Book Circle and Palisades Workshops.
> The event is open to all those interested in artist books, books and
> performance.

> For further information, contact

> umbrella@ix.netcom.com or
> ghelfgott@earthlink.net

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