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[BKARTS] typography around the world

Hello -

I have the opportunity to apply for a fellowship that would allow me to
travel the world, except the U.S., for a year, studying any topic I like.
(Sorry - only students at a few U.S. colleges are eligible, so I don't
know if you can apply too :) I want to study the written word: typography,
calligraphy, and maybe even graffiti.

My question for you, then, is where would you go, and why? Although I've
been reading and using inter-library loan to get books and will try to
take some classes in relevant areas, I am not a typographer or
calligrapher (I'm a math major). I have decided on a few museums and
schools to visit, but I don't really know what the important places are
for these arts.  Since I only get this fellowship if I have an excellent
and detailed proposal, I would love any advice you have to give! I'm
interested in going to Europe and Asia, so don't limit your replies by
continent or language spoken.

thanks -
Kaisa Taipale

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