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Re: [BKARTS] typography around the world

Germany has a huge amount of graffiti to study.  At times it seems quite sad to
see such trashy looking roadways, but look deeper and there is some really
wonderful graffiti, both in terms of illustration and lettering.  Mostly around
the larger cities, especially on the outskirts.

Italy and France both have wonderful old signs painted on buildings, barns and
retaining walls that have great lettering, especially in the rural areas.

Happy travels,

Laura Russell

<<<<<<<<<I have the opportunity to apply for a fellowship that would allow me
to travel the world, except the U.S., for a year, studying any topic I like.
(Sorry - only students at a few U.S. colleges are eligible, so I don't know if
you can apply too :) I want to study the written word: typography, calligraphy,
and maybe even graffiti.

My question for you, then, is where would you go, and why?>>>>>>

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