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Re: [BKARTS] Superior book cover material for paperback books?

I am trying to find a better than normal cover material for producing my own
line of limited production "paperback" books. The standard paper card stock
that is used on production paperback books doesn't seem to be able to take a
lot of abuse such as:

   1. The card stock can easily be delaminated, this happens especially at
the open edges but sometimes the spine on a perfect bound book splits
leaving part of the cover on the book block and part dangling free.
   2. The paper cover tears at the hinge point after repeated flexing
   3. If the cover is laminated with plastic, the plastic peels off
   4. If the cover is bent sharply in use, the coating cracks and shows a
crease line
   5. The tensile strength of the card stock paper is not very high

I am wondering if there already is a better but fairly economical paperback
cover material out there that has better properties. Here are some things I
am wondering about, and thanks in advance for any information:

   6. Does a clear coating such as varnish adhere better than laminated
   7. Is there a card stock made with a superior sizing that "glues"
together the paper much better than the typical?
   8. Is there a card stock made with a coating or fibers where the coating
does not crack and shows a crease line when the cover is bent sharply in
   9. Is there a card stock made with a coating or fibers which has a much
higher tensile strength than standard card stock and can stand repeated
   10. The card stock as above that can still be creased for hinge points of
the book.

Ben Wiens...applied energy scientist
Ben Wiens Energy Science Inc.
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