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Re: [BKARTS] Superior book cover material for paperback books?

In a message dated 8/15/02 6:20:46 PM, ben@BENWIENS.COM writes:

<< I am wondering if there already is a better but fairly economical paperback
cover material out there that has better properties. >>

I am not sure of this recommendation -- I don't do paperbacks:
You might consider some of the latex(?) impregnated paper materials that are
used for covering book covers. At Gane Bros. they had something called PAJCO,
and Holliston Mills has/had a product called LEXATONE. I believe the thicker
ones (17 pt. and thicker) are used for menu covers and such.
Good Luck.
Bill Minter

William Minter Bookbinding & Conservation, Inc.
4364 Woodbury Pike
Woodbury, PA   16695
fax 814-793-4045

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