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Re: [BKARTS] Xyron laminators?

I am very curious about the Xyron laminator that Rupert Evans mentioned
again. I checked back and Rupert had mentioned the Xyron before but I
thought it was just like any other laminator. Now I see that this laminator
applies a layer of cold glue but rolls the paper and plastic laminate
together. It seems to be more versatile than hot laminating and can laminate
a huge variety of things. I would be very interested to know the following
about the Xyron laminator:

   1. Does the one sided lamination result in curling of book cover card
   2. Does the Xyron cold glue hold stronger on card stock than the typical
hot lamination? Is it hard to delaminate from card stock? What about heavily
coated stock?
   3. I understand that the Xyron plastic lamination is polypropylene. I
have heard this is softer than Mylar or Nylon, but is the Xyron
polypropylene acceptable for books in terms of scuffing and scratching?
   4. Is the Xyron lamination more expensive that hot lamination or other
lamination systems? I figured the Xyron lamination would cost about 80 cents
US for a 8.5 x 11 inch book format. I want to use it for semi production
book binding.
   5. Is it possible to buy Xyron lamination supplies in bulk for a lower
cost when my volumes go up?
   6. What other neat things could I do as far as book covers go with this
Xyron cold lamination system?

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-----Original Message-----
I use index card stock, laser printed, and laminated with Xyron one-sided
lamination. This costs about 30 cents per cover. It creases and folds well,
and has held up better than any other paper covers I have seen. This
lamination is thicker and adheres better than the lamination used on
production paperbacks. It does require care in trimming the book, since the
lamination extends about an eighth of an inch beyond the top and bottom of
    An alternative is eight point Champion Krome Kote 2000 C1S (cast one
side), which is used on many production paperbacks. It is cheaper and less
labor-intensive than the solution above.

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