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[BKARTS] Apprenticeship open...

I now have a 4 month vacancy for an apprentice at Waterleaf Mill & Bindery
and Pequeño Press in Santa Maria, California. This apprenticeship opening
runs from September 1 to December 15th, 2002. I realize this is on short
notice, but I won't have another opening until late next year. Perhaps
there's someone who would like to take advantage of this unexpected space
for some really great training in a working bindery.

If anyone is interested, or knows of someone who might be interested,
please email or phone me. Here is the basic information for my

apprenticeships to those interested in learning the techniques of
papermaking, marbling and bookbinding; also the process of limited
edition book production and the ins and outs of running a small
business. The position is unpaid, and we don't charge for training.
Apprentices are expected to assist on any project in the studio,
whether it's the papermaker's helper or marbling chemical mixer or
whatever, there's a lot to learn by doing. Working in the bindery
consists of boxmaking, binding the limited editions we produce (we
specialize in miniature books) and learning about book design.
Apprentices do some ordinary chores in the studio, like providing
assistance with promotional mailings and advertising flyers. Work
hours are from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm five days a week, and time before
and after work and on weekends is for private projects the apprentice
is expected to produce. All studio equipment and machinery is at their
disposal (not including paper, paints and dyes, etc - the 'used up'
things must be supplied or paid for). The training here is usually on
a one-to-one basis unless we are holding a group workshop. Assisting
in workshops is also one of the duties of the apprentice, however MOST
OF THE TIME bookbinding will be the PRIMARY occupation.

Our extensive studio library will be available as well as workshop
notes and handouts for the various techniques. Apprentices are
encouraged to take advantage of these during off-hours.

To apply, write me about yourself, your education, interests, work
experience and reasons for your wanting to learn book arts.

I'd also like to see some samples of photos of any work you've done in
the recent past. Since this is an unpaid position, you should
carefully consider your income or financial assistance. I offer a
fully equipped apartment behind the bindery for apprentices at a very
nominal rent. A car is necessary to get around town, unless you can
deal with the bus schedule. I require a two month minimum term. Most
apprentices stay from three to six months so they're able to take full
advantage of the experiences we have to offer.

Contact Patrice Baldwin

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