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Re: [BKARTS] Badly formatted emails

Hi Judy,

It's a complex issue and depends not only on the sending and receiving email
software but also on the format and encoding options chosen by the sender
and receiver. The days of plain text emails are gone and, as a result, there
are a lot of compatibility issues around.

Long (unwrapped) messages are rarer than badly wrapped messages ie ones that
have been wrapped when sent and rewrapped when received. This is most
apparent when quoting the original message in replies. To control the "wrap
when sending" options in Outlook Express you need to go to
tools/options/send and then in the "html" and "plain text" settings choose
mime/none. The default wrap length is 76 for historical reasons. My advice
is to do a google search for "email word wrap" or something similar and do
some reading. I doubt you'll find the definitive answer though - there are
many variables. Copying and pasting text from a word processor or a web page
can also introduce strange effects. Then there's "quoted printable" and
"base64" encoding and so on !!!

If all else fails, there's a shareware program called MessageCleaner that
you can download on a 30 day trial basis. It's freely distributable and I've
put a copy at http://www.maxlinx.com/download/default.htm if anyone wants to
try it. You can copy/paste your messy email text into MessageCleaner and
reformat it in a variety of ways. Then copy/paste it back to your email
program, word processor etc. I find it useful and time saving - even when
composing emails (the usual disclaimer applies of course - you use it at
your risk). After the 30 days it costs about US$7.50 to register.


Original message from Judy Barrass ...
I'd also like to know why my messages, and those of some others, appear on
my screen in long horizontal lines. This is not the way they are written.
Can anyone help? (Ken Dallaston, are you there to advise us?)

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