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Re: [BKARTS] Judy's long horizontal lines message formatting problem

Hi Judy:

When you say "long horizontal lines", are these lines running off the screen or do they wrap? If they wrap then this is good. I am writing this e-mail in plain text "quoted printable" format to see if it appears as these "long horizontal lines" you talk about.  

The "quoted printable" format is what I use for all my e-mail, except when I post to the Book Arts List I go into "Tools/Options" in Microsoft Outlook and change to Uuencode which wraps at 76 characters or whatever I set it too. The Book Arts List Server does add line breaks to unwrapped lines which show up as = signs. On my Microsoft Outlook these then wrap, but your e-mail program may not respond to these = signs. I set the wrap because the Archive messages you access via the browser do not wrap and each paragraph goes right off the screen.

Years ago Microsoft Outlook was set using "quoted printable" as the default. This way you don't get "badly wrapped messages ie ones that have been wrapped when sent and rewrapped when received" that Ken Dallaston mentioned. In my opinion "quoted printable" was the format designed specifically for message systems when the original message is "quoted" like the Book Arts List but like I said I can't really use it on this list.

What e-mail program are you using Judy? Years ago a friend complained that the "quoted printable" messages I sent him did not wrap, and he found that he just had to change a setting in the e-mail program to "wrap lines".

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-----Original Message-----
I'd also like to know why my messages, and those of some others, appear on
my screen in long horizontal lines. This is not the way they are written.
Can anyone help? (Ken Dallaston, are you there to advise us?)

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