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[BKARTS] board shearer

We have a Robust board shearer here at the IHS lab and have found some
difficulty when making numerous cuts in one go, that the shearing arm
wants to stay naturally in a semi-upright position (roughly 30 degrees).
This causes problems because it blocks the full 50 inches of cutting bed
length, and we end up resting the cutting arm on our shoulders while
maneuvering the paper into place in order to get the necessary
clearance.  My question is, should I adjust the counter balance at the
end of the arm, so that the arm swings to full upright position, when in
a 'resting' state.  I know some people are against having the arm
upright for safety reasons, so I could always install some sort of catch
mechanism at the handle to keep the blade down when not in use.
Truthfully though, the arm isn't really sharp (like a knife) as the
cutting action is created when it meets the bed in a scissoring motion.
What are people's thoughts- blade up, blade down, or blade hovering
somewhere in between?




Douglas Sanders


Indiana Historical Society

450 West Ohio Street

Indianapolis, IN 46202-3269

tel: 317-234-0045



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