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Re: [BKARTS] board shear safely

  Some shears, mine for instance, have a small arm at the back which swings
out to act as a brace so that the arm is arrested at the point you have
chosen as it rises.  This is helpful in that you don't have to reach up for
a fully extended blade every time you cut, which can be quite tiring in the
course of a long day.
  In any event, where ever you keep the blade arm on your shear, it is a
good idea to cultivate the habit of keeping yourself out of harm's way by
not allowing yourself to fiddle with measurements with your hands under the
blade, or your head, for that matter!  It is especially easy, when the blade
is kept all the way up, to forget that it is, quite literally, hanging over
your head if you get too busy with your measurements and alignments.  Then,
suddenly the phone rings or someone walks into the shop, and you straighten
up suddenly without thinking.....The good thing is you will probably only do
this once, unless, of course, the brain damage is severe.
  Dorothy Africa

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