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Re: [BKARTS] The Times New Roman

>Mr. Parker's theories concerning the origin of The Times New Roman were laid
>out in Printing History (31/32, 1994) at great length. A substantial part of
>the story dealt with matters other than type, such as yacht designs, Mr.
>Burgess' s Boston family, Visit to Swinburne, etc.
>         A complete refutation, with many illustrations was published in
>History 37, 1998, authored by several people, largely by John Dreyfus and
>Nicolas Barker, with comments by Jim Rimmer. The article takes up everyone
>of the Parker's points and answers it fully. The conclusion is that it is
>doubtful that Mr. Burgess designed any typeface at all. The article is
>carefully documented and clarifies the situation quite well.

I would recommend that interested people read both articles for
themselves. I myself would argue that the refutation is not quite as
complete as Mr Berliner claims (e.g., the existence of the brass
pattern letters is not adequately addressed), but there are also many
difficulties with Mike Parker's account of things as well (one of the
more notable being the use of digitized typefaces for comparisons).
Another interesting point on the subject is a brief letter to the
Printing Historical Society newsletter from Walter Tracy saying that
he had been persuaded by evidence presented him by Parker.


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