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Re: [BKARTS] New subscriber query re Book Arts History

Hello Folks,

I am currently researching the History of the Altered book for an article I am
writing and would like to know if anyone can point me to a site that documents
the history of this phenomena.....or should it be allied with the history of
the Artist Book ? Where is the boundary between the two? Is there one?

Comments anyone?

Regards Sue B.


First time I have seen a reference to the altered book here! I've been looking
at a few of these altered book lists and they are huge. I suspect this may
well be the best kept secret in the book arts. And certainly the biggest area
of activity. My first encounter with this was with a magazine in the 70s
called Stereo Headphones. Exciting stuff then. There is a site that documents
the historical material, mainly of concrete and visual poetry. but probably of
the altered book as well; I asked once but it went nowhere. A Yahoo group
called BEFORE ASCII-ART or something. Lost track of them. A bit fugitive but
some interesting material there.

Good luck

Gerald Lange
The Bieler Press

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