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[BKARTS] The Center for Book Arts Archive Project

The Center for Book Arts has undertaken the mammoth task of presenting an
interactive web-based interace documenting every exhibition, artist, and work
presented since the inaugural exhibition in 1974.

It is complicated, as there have been several moves, and some administrators who
were not archivists.

We estimate that there have been about 150 exhibitions and over 3,000 works
exhibited. So far we have gone through twenty shelves of archive boxes and have
identified 80 exhibitions for which we have catalogs and/or announcements. The
list is preliminary, and we are still programming the web interface of the
database. Artist names still need to be keyed in, catalogs and announcements
need to be scanned, proofreading is needed. You can see what we have done to
date (very raw) at


This will eventually be sortable by exhibition title or date, and searchable by
title, artist,  date, subject, or keyword.  There will be photos online of as
many of the works as we have pictures of.

Our further concept is to enable you to curate your own exhibition from the
archive. You will be able to select works based on any criteria you choose, such
as Altered Books, Photography, Concertina, Leather Bindings, Sex, etc. For
example, if you are an artist who has been in many exhibitions at the CBA, you
will be able to make a page on the website that has all the works you have
exhibited over the years.

The project may take several years and hundreds of hours of volunteer time. If
you are interested in helping, please contact me off-list.

If you are an artist who has exhibited at the Center, and you do not see an
exhibition you were in on the web page linked above, please contact me off-list.
We still have many unopened boxes of documentary materials in the archive, and
also are seeking loans for scanning (or photocopies) of materials referencing
any exhibitions that do not appear on this page.

As the archive develops I will post progress to book_arts-l.



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