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Re: [BKARTS] pricing a limited edition artist's book

Oh, tis not a lark to do pricing.  I usually make one of a kind artist's
books, and am comfortable with my pricing to date.  But, what if you make an
edition of a work?  How would you price each book?  I still struggle with
what's fair, and don't really know what the value of "unique" is in the
marketplace.  So let's try out a situation and see if it makes sense.  Let's
say I had a unique book I would price at $1000.  If I make 10, does it
become a $500 book for each in the edition, and I have to sell 2 to make the
same amount of money I would get for 1 unique book?  I don't like this
rationale, so wonder if all are hand produced (i.e. not copies of each
other, but in essence re-makes of the original, does that make a
difference?)  (e.g. The ten could each be $750 or even $1000)

I am not asking about small press books, or Xerox copies of books.  I am
speaking of a decision I could make after creating one book (and not yet
selling it) on whether to make say nine more, the same way the first one was
made, perhaps but not necessarily with minor variations.

Hope I'm not confusing everyone in addition to myself!

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