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Re: [BKARTS] pricing


I think the addition of 9 more of the same book automatically makes it a
limited edition no matter what the slight variations may be. You can put
any price you want on them, but a buyer, knowing that there are 9 others
won't want to pay a "one-of-a-kind" price. They will expect it to be lower. 

Those of us who publish editions know how much particular work goes into
each book, notwithstanding it's multiple printing of text. Each book has to
be cut, folded, collated, sewn and bound as if it is the only one. 

The general pricing rule of thumb I've used for years is this:
#1-Add up EVERY bit of cost - all materials. Then decide how much per hour
you'd be satisfied to receive and add in the hours it took to make one
edition. Divide by the number in the edition to get a price-per-book. This
figure will be high.
#2-Price the competition. See what types of books that are similar in size,
complexity and quality to yours are selling for. Get a range and take an
average price. (Location of sales and type of clientele should be taken
into consideration here, too).
#3-Select a price somewhere between #1 and #2 that will satisfy you and go
for it. 

Over the years, I know how much my clients will pay and what price will
make them complain. That just takes experience and figuering demographics
of your clients. In other words, I know exactly 'to whom' I am selling.
That's important in selling anything - especially art... and that's what
I'm peddling - not books.

Hope this helps,

Patrice Baldwin

At 03:40 PM 08/25/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>Oh, tis not a lark to do pricing.  I usually make one of a kind artist's
>books, and am comfortable with my pricing to date.  But, what if you make an
>edition of a work?  How would you price each book?  I still struggle with
>what's fair, and don't really know what the value of "unique" is in the
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