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Re: [BKARTS] Dye for mulberry paper


I use FW acrylic artist inks most of the time.  They are more lightfast
and the color doesn't bleed with the adhesive.  In the past I used
Feibing dyes (and may still from time to time), but they are not very
lightfast and the color tends to soften and spread with the paste or
glue.  Drying time for acrylics is a little longer than with spirit
dyes, but not very much longer.  Feibing dyes offer darker values than
the inks do, which is sometimes important.

What are you wanting to repair?

Eugene, OR

On Monday, August 26, 2002, at 05:45 AM, Elizabeth Stegenga wrote:

> What is the best dye to use on mulberry paper when you are making
> repairs to
> leather volumes?
> Thank you,
> Beth Stegenga
> beth@stegenga.net

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