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Re: [BKARTS] Altered Books -History

What I'm most interested in is the inspiration for a book--how did you ever
think to do that. I've put together about ten catalogs and always look for
the story--such as-- "someone gave me a bag of plastic worms; they sat in my
studio for five years until...." In our entry form we always say -- "When
answering the following questions, please be as complete as you can be, using
another sheet of paper if necessary.  We hope to prepare a catalogue and to
have informative and interesting signs for the displays.  We look on this as
an educational opportunity. The materials for this will come from your
answers." And specifically ask the question -- "Information I would like the
public to know about myself and/or my book"  but we seldom include bio
information. After the "story" we look for materials used as many people only
see the show through the catalog and a complete materials list helps them get
a feel for the book.

Patricia Grass

<<Do you think an Artist's Statement is needed when exhibiting?  Or an

Artist's Bio?  What is it you would really like to know about either one?

What is it that you usually include when submitting them?>>

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