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Re: [BKARTS] Board Shears Blade

Bruce wrote:
>it is my experience that a slight pull towards the table,
>on the blade, assures a clean cut.

I don't disagree with that. When cutting binders' board, particularly hard grade
like English Millboard or Davey Gold Label, some force is applied to counter the
tendency of the blade to shear outward. That force will vary based on the
thickness and density of the board. Failure to exert the proper compensating
force results in a ragged edge board. The amount of the force is just what it
takes to insure that the blade travels in the same path it would if there were
nothing being cut. It comes with experience. Novices often apply too little
force, resulting in an edge that needs sanding, or too much, resulting in blade

My reference was to cutting "tissue or thin paper," which does not require any
horizontal force to make a clean cut on a sharp, well adjusted shear.


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