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[BKARTS] Beginner asking for advice

        I would like to find a store that sell compressed cardboard to do my
bookbinding.  I live in New Orleans. I bought my first supplies from Hollander's
ordering it through the internet at http://www.hollanders.com/.  However, I want
to get access to a local supplier, specially that I am a beginner.  I just
finished binding my 12th book.
        Since I am retired and live on a fixed income, I have been buying cotton
fabrics at a local store, using Magic Sizing to starch the fabrics and using
them as bookcloth after ironing them.  Since I am a good reader and own more
than a 1,000 books (technical, history, foreign countries), I pursue bookbinding
as a craft to repair my books, to convert paperbacks to hardcover, and to
prepare my  books to give my family tree, my photo albums, and to pass my
memories to my children.
        Besides the cardboard, my other problem is how to print book titles.  I
do not want to pay $2,000 for a foil printer.  I wonder if there is another
manual way of doing it, like using a letter set to indent the title into the
book cover (no ink).  I might be able to do it with a simple bench vise and have
a nice looking title.
        In this context, I would like your suggestions on how to solve these
bookbinding problems related to buying compressed cardboard and printing book
titles manually.  Any other suggestions?

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