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Re: [BKARTS] thymol/foxing - oy vey!

Apologies to all, but I receive this listserv in digest form so
I am replying to all related queries/comments in one go.

Richard, I'm not certain about the effect of EDTA on paper, especially
in light of current research, details of which may be read at the
following site:

INKCORROSION-L@NIC.SURFNET.NL  See: Eur. research project InkCor -
Stabilisation of Iron Gall Ink Containing Paper

While ammonium hydroxide (and hydrogen peroxide) will do a great deal
toward cleaning/strengthening paper in general, and reduce mold-based
foxing, it will do nothing for iron-based foxing.

Nothing I said about thymol was intended to be interpreted with respect
to foxing. There is no connection.  Thymol is a moldistat, not a moldicide.
That means that it will retard the growth of mold, but it will not kill
the spores.

I once fumigated an entire floor of a library which had become infected
with mold, and told the librarian that we had, at most, two weeks to
deal with the underlying moisture problem.

The librarian did not believe me.  Two weeks later, the mold began to
grow again.

RE: your insurance query.  Yes, those are lessons we learn over time.
Don't give advice (or too much advice) without seeing the book(s) in

The same holds true for giving advice/opinions on a listserv, such
as this one.  We have known each other for more than 20 years, so
we can say things to each other in a sort of shorthand which could be
easily misunderstood by a stranger (i.e., a new bookbinder) and that
could result in the destruction or poor construction of a book.

So many choices; so few options.


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