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[BKARTS] Color Journal for Beginners

I'm teaching a course in color studies this fall, and the students are
expected to keep a journal about color, their experience of it, what they
see and feel, etc., as the course progresses.

Being a book artist, I guess it was a natural thing for me to suggest that
the students make their own journals. However, this has not been done in the
past, and was not included in the very tightly knit syllabus. However, I
feel strongly that their is a way for them to do it and not take too much
time away from the time already allotted for the various other projects.

I have taught several workshops where students make a journal or album, and
I have found a few other examples in books, but thought I would ask the list
for a few suggestions of journal/album projects that would be easy to do and
not cost a lot--either for the school to provide materials or for the
students to buy them--and also not require a lot of expertise on the part of
the faculty. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Katie Harper
Ars Brevis Press
Cincinnati, OH

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