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Re: [BKARTS] Color Journal for Beginners

I agree with Roberta that a screwpost book is a good idea. Besides being cheap
and easy, it is adjustable. This allows the inclusion of samples (labels, ads,
scraps, whatever) that the students find, to illustrate their color experiences.
A single screw binder also allows page rotation, so any page can be juxtaposed
with another-- a useful feature in color studies.

It's nice to see the words "experience" and "feel" in a description of a color
course. It sounds like you're going beyond the Itten, Albers, and Goethe

When teaching at The School of Visual Arts in New York City (in the late 70's),
I wrote a curriculum titled "The Theory of Museum Finish." It is a practical
method of creating and evaluating work with the goal of making the space around
the work vibrate. One of the the areas covered is color theory. The students had
already studied the "classics" on the subject. I assigned readings (and reports)
based on color meditations on the Chakras, color healing, endocrine secretions
resulting from retinal stimulation at different wavelengths, etc. Exercises were
assigned that use color to stimulate spiritual, psychological, and physiological
responses in the viewer that support (or contradict) the metaphor of the work.


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