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Re: [BKARTS] Color Journal for Beginners

Katie wrote:
>Richard: I'd be interested in seeing your curriculum you mention below,
>especially the part dealing with color, if you still have it around.

I haven't seen it in many years. There may be one buried in my 70's archive, if
I can find that. Unfortunately, Al Brunelle, who was my boss at SVA, died a few
years ago, so I can't get a copy from him. If anyone on this list took my course
and has a copy, please let me know, as I'd like to have a photocopy of it. I got
my first pc in 1983, so I don't have it on diskette.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions, I can try to answer them. The general
theory of museum finish deals with the relationship between image, material and
metaphor. When you look at great works of art the space around them shimmers.
Not in the way "op art" makes space shimmer through visual tricks, but by taking
the viewer into the interior of themselves through the metaphor of the work, so
their attention is momentarily off the retinal image. The physical material
(substance and form) draws the viewer back to the physicality of the work. The
image catches the viewer's attention with a  representation that evokes the
metaphor, and the cycle repeats.

Like the shutter of a movie projector, this process causes an apparent flicker
of space.

The syllabus provides training and exercises for the visual artist in the
methodology of achieving a balanced control of the viewer's attention. It
becomes an analytical tool that is useful for determining when a work is
finished, for correcting problems when "it doesn't work," and for judging or
curating exhibitions.

>examples of a single screw post binding, but I
>have no idea if there is a maximum paper size, etc., for it to hold up well.

The nice thing is you can get screwposts in many lengths, as well as screwpost
extenders, in case you want to add more pages. Page size that works will depend
on the physical properties of the paper, and the use to which the book is put.



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