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[BKARTS] RBS 2002 evaluations

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The student evaluations for all 35 courses offered by Rare Book School
(RBS) in January, March, and May-August 2002, are now posted in their
entirety on the RBS Web site (a total of 353 students attended):


RBS offered  a number of new courses this year. The evaluations for most of
them are nothing short of extraordinary: cf in particular

John BUCHTEL and Mark DIMUNATION: The Book, 200-2000
Simon ELIOT: Printing, Publishing, and Consuming Texts in
         Britain and Its Empire, 1770-1919
D W KRUMMEL: The Music of America on Paper
Daniel PITTI: Publishing EAD Finding Aids
David SEAMAN, with Matthew GIBSON and Christine RUOTOLO:
         Electronic Texts in XML
Barbara SHAILOR: The Book in the Manuscript Era
Jan STORM VAN LEEUWEN: Introduction to the History of Bookbinding
Roger WIECK: Introduction to Illuminated Manuscripts

Overall, these evaluations (as well as those for RBS's returning courses)
support the bold notion that RBS may possibly be offering the highest
quality of continuing education courses now available in this country - at
any level, in any subject.  We'd be glad to know the names of other
contenders for this distinction, and the Web site of their students' course
evaluations. Good as RBS may be, it ought to be better.

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School : 114 Alderman Library : Charlottesville, VA  22903 : Telephone
434/924-8851   fax 434/924-8824   email belanger@virginia.edu : URL

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