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Re: [BKARTS] blue lined paper / penmanship

I did a generic search using terms such as "penmanship," "practice,"
"paper," "supplies," etc.

There are many sites of interest which have links to links to links. Many
school teachers post graphics which are available for purchase on CD,
while some are available for free download. This could be an option since
you'd be able to print the penmanship files onto paper you choose.

A detailed search tailored to your specific focus and purpose would be
your best bet, but here are a few links I found:






Hope this helps,

--- Rick Tannenbaum <Rickytbaum@AOL.COM> wrote:
> Does anyone know a good source for blue-lined penmanship paper -- the
> kind grade school kids use to practice penmanship. It seems easy to get
> a cheap recycled kind, but I can't find anything of better quality.
> Rick Tannenbaum
> New York City

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