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[BKARTS] collaboration

A throwback to an old thread:

I was very interested to read people's experiences and thoughts about
artistic collaborations. I'm immersed in one just now, for an edition to be
completed sometime late this year, early next. One thought that has
occurred to me is that a collaboration will work if both parties share the
exact same level of attention to detail, pickiness etc. It doesn't matter
what that level is, as long as you both share it.

The book I'm working on just now with printmaker Holly Morrison includes
fourteen photogravures, and we've struggled making the plates this summer.
The main problem has been humidity, so we're hoping things will get a
little easier as the weather cools.

Our travails have inspired an idea for an episode of Ira Glass' "This
American Life" - Things No-one Does Anymore and the Reasons Why. I'm sure
others have their own contenders for this catagory of endeavour.

best wishes,


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