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[BKARTS] Searching for light paper

I have a book in PDF format, and I'd like to take it to a printer to have
it printed and cut to size, and then bind it myself. The printer that I'm
considering has only very heavy paper for his laser printer (I'm guessing
25 lbs or so), but says that the printer can take paper as light as 16
lbs; I would just have to supply the paper, as they don't carry paper that

I'm at a loss as to where to find a small amount (hopefully less than a
thousand sheets) of such paper. I tried Stapes and OfficeDepot; the only
paper close to that weight that they carry (15 lbs and 18 lbs) is
perforated. I'm looking for paper similar in color and feel to the paper
in a generic paperback book.

Does anyone have any ideas where I could look? I'm willing to order
online, but physical stores in the Boston or Providence areas would be
fine too.


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