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[BKARTS] Inside the Book

Inside the book
I am pleased to bring you news of my new book and invite you to visit my 
updated website: <A HREF="http://members.aol.com/esslemont">David Esslemont
There is much pleasure to be gained from designing, printing, binding and 
publishing a book all by yourself. Inside the Book is a detailed account of 
all that is involved in developing the initial idea from the back of an 
envelope through to marketing and sales. Drawing on my own experience of 
making fine books in limited editions I describe my working methods and the 
many decisions and considerations that have to be made, for example: costing 
and pricing; choosing a typeface; identifying the grain direction of paper: 
and designing the format and page layout.

Illustrations include drawings, woodcuts, displayed type, pages from 
notebooks, colour printing and calligraphy. Additional material is 
tipped-in and includes a Thomas Bewick wood engraving, a page showing 
comparative type widths and samples of an inkjet print and paste paper. Trial 
settings of title pages, chapter openings and text pages from Desmond 
Levista’s biblio novel, The Missing Pages make entertaining reading. 

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