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[BKARTS] Los Angeles Book Arts Center

Greetings to all:  

Our wonderful new documentarist has forwarded me the minutes from the 
September 11 meeting.  Below is a copy to let everyone know what is happening 
and how things are moving along.  Again we are at the beginning stages of the 
setup of the Center.  If you are interested in assisting with the start up of 
the Los Angeles Book Arts Center please contact the committee chair (listed 
below) of the committee that holds the most interest for you and they will 
find a way for you to be involved.  You can also contact me if you wish to 
discuss anything regarding the Center.  

Marcia Moore (310) 827-6192 is collecting book art for our opening Book Arts 
Show in Santa Monica please submit works to her ASAP for inclusion in the 
October show.

The Center is hosting classes which are quickly filling up.  Please contact 
me if you are interested in signing up for a class.  The class schedule and 
general information are listed on our brand new website www.LABookArts.com.

This is a grass roots organization and it's success will depend on the 
contributions and dedication of it's members.  Please join us in making this 
center a wonderful resource for book and paper artists as well as an exciting 
addition to the Los Angeles art scene.

Thank you all for your creativity, dedication and generosity.

Lisa Deutsch
President - Los Angeles Book Arts Center
8642 Gregory Way
Suite 301
Los Angeles, CA 90035
(310) 657-2616



Minutes from meeting held at Gloria Helfgott’s studio September 11, 2002

23 in attendance

Temporary Board Members that will hold the place of Official Board Members 
until the LA Book Arts Center (LABAC) will be an official organization.  
These temporary members were voted into office by nomination and volunteering 
and are as follows:

President:  Lisa Deutsch
Vice President:  Stephanie Plaut
Secretary: (to be known in the organization as Documentarist): Anita Faye 
Korngute will head up the position with assistance from either Dawn Henney 
and/or Susanne Wilbur (who were unable to attend the meeting).
Treasurer: Lisa Deutsch shall handle the duties of Treasurer for 3 months 
(December 11, 2002) upon which time we will have a DBA and will assign a 
treasurer.  The problem of conflict of interest was addressed as well as 
possibilities of getting a cosigner on the account besides Lisa.  Lisa will 
get assistance as Treasurer from other Board Members as needed. 

6 Committees were formed and members volunteered for each Committee.  
Temporary Chairs were voted in and were instructed to meet with their 
respective Committee Members as well as recruit other Members for their 
Committee.  When the Temporary Chair meets with their Committee they were 
instructed that their Committee would nominate a Committee Head which would 
meet at the next board meeting. 

The next board meeting will be Thursday, September 26, 2002 at 6pm at 
Gloria's studio and will include all Board Members and Designated Committee 
Member Chairs.

The Temporary Committee Chairs are as follows:
ÿ Membership Committee:  Marjorie Shaw - (310) 206-9234     
ÿ Program Committee:  Gloria Helfgott (310) 230-0155
ÿ Publicity Committee:  Charlene Matthews (323) 962-2109
ÿ Resources Committee:  Kaarina Tienhaara (310) 286-9445
ÿ Administration Committee:  Stephanie Plaut (818) 985-0142 
ÿ Fundraising Committee:  Marcia Moore (310) 827-6192

That concluded the official business of this meeting. 

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