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The 66th annual gathering of Typocrafters takes place October 25-26 in
Chicago with a program promising something for everyone -- “A Chicago
Miscellany” of type, design, letterpress, wood engraving, private presses,
rare books and exceptional libraries.

There will be visits to the Newberry Library, Northwestern University’s
Deering Library, and Columbia College’s Chicago Center for Book & Paper
Arts.  Presentations focus on English wood engravers Thomas Bewick and
William Blake.  Examine two large collections of Bewick’s blocks and learn
how they migrated to Chicago . . . see a highly acclaimed exhibit of Blake’s
art.  Bewick expert Iain Bain will be the keynote speaker.

At Columbia, we’ll learn about its myriad programs, view student work and
tour the facilities.  There will be a demonstration session on “Punch
Cutting” and a presentation tracing “Chicago’s Private Presses.”

The publisher, printer, and binder of Sherwin Beach Press will make a
presentation on their recently completed Nelson Algren book, Ballet for
Opening Day.

In addition, visits to Rohner Letterpress (a thriving commercial shop) and
Sherwin Beach Press (a leading private press) are scheduled.  A trip to The
Platen Press & Museum is also offered.

Finely crafted keepsakes are a Typocrafters tradition – this year promises
more of the same!

Please contact donn@mc.net to request complete details via email.

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