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[BKARTS] Free Press Available

I'm an art education doctoral student at Indiana University,
and I do quite a bit of studio work in book arts and
printmaking.  I've lurked on this list for almost a year, and
I've really enjoyed the dialogue.

Thanks to David Rose for his informative letter on
letterpress printing.  I appreciated the information.  When I
was getting my master's degree, I was turned on to
printmaking and book arts.  I almost became obsessed with the
materials and tools of the two arts, buying much more than I
could handle.

While I wouldn't call it a mistake because I learned a lot
from it, I bought (for $50 from a commercial printer) a
Potter Proof Press much like the ones described in Mr. Rose's
letter.  It's a floor model, and it's in pretty good shape.

I've grown to love my etching press a lot more than the proof
press, and I'm willing to part with the proof press if
someone will use it more than I do.  Free for the taking, but
I don't want to be involved in research, shipping, storing,
etc.  Be warned, it has a cast iron base and is heavy as
hell.  It was placed on my truck with a forklift, and two
friends and I moved it into my garage.  I used a pickup, but
I would highly recommend the use of a U-Haul or other closed
delivery vehicle.  I was scared to death driving the thing
even the few miles to its current home.

Let me know off-list if you want the press and have the
resources to get it from Indianapolis to your studio:

Christopher Nunn
1536 Dawson Street
Indianapolis, IN  46203
(317) 780-8974

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