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[BKARTS] Gallery Lecture and UCLA Class

Kitty Maryatt will be giving a gallery lecture on Wednesday, September 18, at
noon at the Ruth Chandler Williamson Gallery on the Scripps College campus in
Claremont, California. The public is invited. The Gallery is located near the
corner of 11th and Columbia in Claremont.

Prof. Maryatt will discuss her recent work in the gallery, which includes
three pieces. One is a 22 inch tall book which is bent back into an arch,
called Duchampian gap. It is painted with India ink and walnut ink and the
pages have red edges. The spine has seven linings, the last of which is red
goatskin, and the boards are covered with brown goatskin, all stabilized with
alum-tawed pigskin straps with buckles. A second piece, called Flexion, is a
book in curved aluminum covers. It is an exploration of how flexible paper
will follow the shape of the container, like water. The third piece is a book
painting, 5 feet by 5 feet, mounted on the wall, called Inside Out. It
consists of 12 paintings, which are actually made of bookcloth with Davey
boards and museum board covers pulled off after gluing. These are then
mounted on boards and hung on the wall.
For further information, contact the Scripps College Press,
KMaryatt@scrippscollege.edu or 909 607-3866.

The UCLA Extension class taught by Kitty Maryatt, Handmade Book Structures,
will begin September 25 and will run for twelve weeks. The class meet at UCLA
from 7 to 10 p.m. on Wednesday nights. For further information, contact UCLA
Extension at 310 825-6683 or Kitty Maryatt at TwoHandsPr@aol.com, or 818

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