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[BKARTS] Book Plow

Hi Everyone,

I am a starter in bookbinding and live here in Canada. I have so far failed to find a Printer who can trim the book edges for me. Therefore, I am thinking of making a Plow as given in Manister's book. I have never seen/used this before so am not sure whether it'll do the job as good as a Guillotine can.

1. Do you think it is worth spending money/time to make it? 2. Are there any better drawings/blueprints on the web to make a Plow/bookbinding essentials?
3. Should I think about buying my own Power paper cutter?

OR, if someone can suggest me a place around GTA where I can go for my occasional trimming needs.

Any help in this matter will be appreciated.

Best Regards.

Amrit Bamrah
Brampton, Ontario

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