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Re: [BKARTS] Finishing tools: initials

In a response to a question about a mongram tool Sid Huttner remarked:

"I'm a little surprised to know monograms appeared on the end of tools.  I
had the impression that generally they were too large to tool well and were
consequently usually created as blocks for use in an "arming press"  -- so
named, I think, because it was used to apply "arms" (i.e., coats of arms,
monograms, and similar sorts of personal identifications) not only to book
covers but to other personal items (wallets and purses, gauntlets,
portfolios, etc.)."

............................. Sid Huttner

  But it may depend on how grand an ambition one had.  A few years ago I bought
a tool from Sam Ellenport at Harcourt which combines the initials DA in a very
simple combination which leaves the componet letters quite distinct.  I don't
use it very often since it is a rather heavy, western style of design, rather
like a brand, which doesn't really suit my taste, but they are my initials, so
now and again it comes in handy.  I don't think it is a very old tool, but it
seems to me more functional than ornately decorative in its intent.
   Does anyone else out there have something similar??
Dorothy Africa

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