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Re: [BKARTS] could you help ?


        Here's a list of some books about book history for kids that I
complied on my website. You can also find a bibliography of books about
book history for adults there-
http://www.makingbooks.com/resources.html. Hope this helps.

in good spirit

  Marguerite Makes A Book, Bruce Robertson, LA, CA, J. Paul Getty
Museum, 1999
This beautifully illustrated picture book tells of Marguerite, a girl
in medieval Paris. Her father illuminates books and she helps him
finish an important commission of a book of Hours for Lady Isabelle.

Bibles and Bestiaries: A Guide to Illuminated Manuscripts, Elizabeth B.
Wilson, The Pierpont Morgan Library, New York, Farrar, Straus and
Giroux, 1994
I love this book. It's clearly written and beautifully illustrated with
examples from manuscripts in the Pierpont Morgan Library in New York.
The book includes a detailed description of the process of making an
illuminated manuscript from making the vellum to binding the book and
information on the "Best- Selling Books" of the Middle Ages, such as
Gospels, Psalters, Herbals, and Books of Hours.

Breaking into Print: Before and After the Invention of the Printing
Press, Stephen Krensky, Boston, MA, Little, Brown and Company, 1996
Breaking into Print tells of the evolution of the book from the
hand-lettered manuscripts of the monasteries through the development of
the printing press to today. The main text is supplemented by
additional facts on the side margins. It is cleanly laid out and nicely
illustrated but I found the transition from block printing to movable
type confusing. There is a timeline of the history of printing at the

Books And Libraries, Jack Knowlton, New York, Harper Collins
Publishers, 1991.
Children's book on the history of books and libraries. Emphasis on
Western forms from Mesopotamia and Egypt to Europe and colonial New

Book, Karen Brookfield, New York, Alfred A. Knopf, 1993.
Part of Eyewitness Books series. Excellent photographs make it a good
visual resource to have in the classroom.

"Paper" Through the Ages, Shaaron Cosner, Minneapolis, MN, Carolrhoda
Books, 1984
This easy chapter book introduces children to writing materials of the
past-stone, clay, papyrus, wax, parchment, and paper- and the people
who used them.

The History of Making Books. New York, Scholastic, Inc., 1996
Well illustrated interactive book with sections on Ancient writing,
Asian Ingenuity, Arabic Treasures, Parchment, Illuminated Manuscripts,
Paper, Printing, Bookbinding, and more.

Writing and Printing, Steve and Patricia Harrison, London, BBC
Educational Publishing, 1991
Part of the BBC Fact Finders series. This is a concise overview with a
double page spread for each topic from cave painting to the way books
are printed today.

Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord
Newburyport, MA


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